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Administrative Ministry

The mission of the Administrative Ministry is to provide support services to assist the Pastor and congregation in achieving the vision and mission of the church. It is our goal as support staff to be of service to the church by maintaining church records, increasing congregation awareness of church events, and assisting church ministries with clerical support. We aim to structure the church office for member awareness and church growth.

Assimilation Ministry

The mission of the Assimilation ministry is to welcome new members and to assist them in developing a sense of belonging and to help current members maintain their sense of belonging. This ministry aims to integrate each member into the overall church structure and ensure each member is connected and involved for personal spiritual development and service to others.

Pastoral Support/Armorbearer Ministry

The mission of the Pastoral Support/Armorbearer ministry is to serve as a resource for the pastor and the pastor's family. The goal of the ministry is to be available, be in position and be willing. This ministry is committed to maintaining an intimate prayer life. biblical knowledge, maturity in faith, and a loving relationship with God. An armorbearer exhibits kingdom character, faithfulness, trustworthiness and loyalty. Members of this ministry are kingdom citizens who help and support the pastoral leadership and visiting ministers. Members of this ministry are devoted to spending time with God, interceding on behalf of the pastor, and assisting the pastor so the pastor's God-given vision can come to pass.

Ministerial Ministry

The mission of this ministry is to be steadfast in in studying and teaching of God's word. This ministry strives to be prepared at all times to deliver the message, react to the pastors needs, be proactive in making suggestions to better meet the church's mission, and demonstrate leadership qualities for the church.

Youth Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to help each young person grow personally & spiritually in Christ. The mission of the T.O.M.I. Youth Ministry program is to prepare students for effective ministry. This ministry teaches the principles of God's Word and encourages the youth to be the example of Christ among their friends.

Finance Ministry

The mission of the finance ministry is to be good stewards by providing financial leadership and awareness. This ministry will achieve this by training the congregation; planning, monitoring, and forecasting to ensure the church is in sound financial position.

Visionary Ministry

The mission of Visionary ministry is to transform lives through the Word of God through spreading the Word of God through biblical teachings, training, and inspired worship. This ministry seeks to be a positive influence by motivating, encouraging, and supporting others in their walk with Christ.

Culinary Ministry

The purpose of the Culinary ministry is to promote spiritual fulfillment and bonding with other Christians and members by preparing, providing, and serving meals to the congregation for a variety of gatherings. This will be done as effectively and as efficiently as possible in a loving and Christ-like atmosphere.

Sound Ministry

The purpose of the Sound ministry is to provide sound quality during weekly services and special programs and to spread the gospel by providing quality audio and video tapes of weekly services and special programs to the public.

Women's Ministry

This ministry focuses on the relationships between women and each women's relationship to Christ. Emphasis is also placed on wholesome interaction with the significant male counterparts in our lives. It is strategically designed to equipment and empower every woman of this ministry.

Men's Ministry

The purpose of the Men's ministry is to develop men into disciples for Christ. This ministry seeks to identify, develop and release the unique gifts of men into the life and service of the church. The Men's ministry draws men to God and to each other.

Transportation Ministry

The Transportation Ministry is an outreach ministry that provides transportation to and from T.O.M.I. for various residents who would like to attend church but do not have a car or unable to drive themselves.